The area of Wyndham is gazetted as an on-lead area for dogs, unless otherwise signed.  Unless a pet owner and dog are in an off-lead area, dogs must be on lead.

To ensure our Animal Management Officers can investigate a dog being walked off lead, you need to provide as much information as possible such as;

  • Is the dog aggressive?
  • What is the description of the dog?
  • Where is the dog being walked off lead?
  • How often is this occurring and times (if known)?
  • Do you know where the dog owner lives?

Animal Management Officers will then patrol the area and speak to the dog owner when they are identified, providing them education on where the off-lead areas are located.

Failure to comply may result in an infringement.

To lodge a complaint about a dog being walked off lead, you can complete an online request form or call 1300 023 411.

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