If you have an urgent animal complaint such as a dog attack, an aggressive or dangerous dog, injured animals, stock on road, snakes call 1300 023 411.

We offer this service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you are calling afterhours, please follow the prompts to be redirected to Wyndham City’s after-hours service which will provide assistance.

Dog Attacks

All residents and visitors to the City of Wyndham have the right to use public land without fear of being attacked by a dog. Any dog attack on a person or animal should be reported to Wyndham City on 1300 023 411 as soon as possible. Wyndham City’s main objective is community safety and the harmonious use of our public open space.

When reporting the dog attack it is important that you remember as many details as possible about the attack and the dog/s involved and if possible, take photographs of the wound. This gives Wyndham City more information for the investigation process.

The dog owner and any person in control of the dog at the time, are both legally and financially responsible if their dog attacks or bites another person or animal.  Wyndham City may assist in the recuperation of your costs but as there is no legislation to enforce the payment of costs such as vet bills etc; it may become a civil matter to pursue so it is always best to get legal advice in regards to your compensation.

If you are caring for or walking somebody else's dog when it attacks another person or animal, you may be liable and prosecuted under the Domestic Animals Act for any actions of the dog whilst in your care.

Dangerous Dogs

A dangerous dog is declared dangerous because it has attacked and bitten a person or animal and caused serious injury. A dog is automatically deemed a dangerous dog if it is left to guard a non-residential premises or is a dog that has been trained to attack or bite a person or clothing attached to or worn by a person. Dangerous dogs are required to be muzzled and on a leash while outside their home. Dangerous dogs must also wear a yellow and red striped collar at all times.

If you own a declared dangerous dog it is important to keep your dog securely confined to your property. If your dangerous dog is found wandering outside your home, it can be seized and impounded with penalties and consequences for you and your dog. You must contact us within 24 hours of impoundment if you wish to prove there were mitigating circumstances why your dog was roaming the streets. 

To lodge a complaint, you can complete an online request form or call 1300 023 411.

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