If you find a cat or a dog within the Wyndham area without its owner, you can call council on 1300 023 411 to collect it from you.

To collect a cat or dog from you, we will require some details:

  • The location or address of where the animal is;
  • How long the animal has been contained;
  • Physical condition of the animal;
  • Temperament;
  • Cats/Kittens must be contained in box/carrier before the Ranger arrives - this is for the safety of the Ranger and the cats/kittens * cats/kittens will only be collected during business hours.

Please note: if you have found a stray animal in another municipal district to please contact the relevant Council to have the animal collected.

To lodge a complaint about a dog being walked off lead, you can complete an online request form or call 1300 023 411.

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