The Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre and the Integrated Family Centre will include two co-located community facilities.

The Integrated Family Centre that will provide much-needed early years and family support to local families as well as the broader community, including family and early intervention services for vulnerable groups. This facility will deliver community spaces, kindergarten rooms, maternal child health consulting rooms, office space, and consulting rooms that will cater to the growing needs of the Wyndham community.

The co-located Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre will provide an inclusive space for Aboriginal people to strengthen community and cultural development and facilitate improved coordination and delivery of services and programs in Wyndham. This facility will provide a dedicated space for the Aboriginal community that is culturally safe and that provides a space to host community services and events. People using the building, and especially young people, will learn about culture just by being in the building. In addition, the Aboriginal Community Centre will:

  • help build community capacity;
  • address the service needs of Aboriginal people;
  • provide pathways to education, training and employment; and
  • provide a place to celebrate culture and identity.


  • Aboriginal community centre
  • Community meeting spaces
  • Three kindergarten rooms
  • Consulting rooms
  • Indoor/outdoor gathering spaces


  • Strengthen Wyndham West’s social capital (fellowship between neighbours, networked social structures, and the collective capacity to realise shared aspirations) through

    • group recreation,

    • education,

    • cultural,

    • and wellness projects and programmed activities, as well as individual support.

This project was supported by a $1.5 million grant made available through the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

Expected Completion Date: 2019

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