Did you know there are 1345km of Council managed roads in Wyndham? That’s the equivalent of 4,468 Eureka Towers or 17,697 jumbo jets lined up end to end!  Wyndham’s road network is valued at approximately $2.9 billion.

Wyndham City has 1345 km of roads and each year for the past 10 years on average 50 km of road has been added. In 2015/16 Council spent over $ 7 million on road maintenance, $3 million on asphalt re-surfacing and $9 million on road upgrades and re-builds. In addition there is 124 Km of VicRoads managed roads in Wyndham which includes Point Cook Road, Derrimut road, Palmers road, Sayers road, Old Geelong road, Duncans Road, Ballan Road and Boundary Road.

Currently there is $18.5 million of Council road works planned to be delivered in this financial year including:

Armstrong Road, Wyndham Vale

Location: Armstrong Road between Greens Road and Blackforest Road

A $11.5 million Wyndham City project, works will include a new road that will link Wyndham Vale to Werribee.

The tender will be awarded at the Ordinary Council Meeting in March, 2017 with the project completion in mid-2018.


  • New arterial road connection for Wyndham residents


  • A straight through connection between Greens and Blackforest Roads
  • Shorter travel times to Wyndham Vale Station
  • Will decrease current reliance on local roads

Estimated Start: Mid 2017
Estimated Completion: Mid 2018


Ballan Road drainage and Recreation Close Upgrades

Location: Ballan Road, Werribee from Mambourin Street to Duke Street

A $500k Wyndham City project, will create new drainage for required areas of Werribee and there will be an upgrade to the secondary entry to Eagle Stadium – Recreation Close. Works are commencing end of February and are expected to be completed by July 2017.


  • Drainage upgrades to the areas of Werribee having a lack of drainage infrastructure
  • Improvement to the secondary entry of Eagle Stadium for users and visitors


  • Reduced Flooding
  • Improved amenity
  • Safer access to Eagle Stadium

Expected Start Date: February 2017
Expected Completion Date: July 2017

Bethany Road, Hoppers Crossing

A $800,000 Wyndham City project, roadworks include rebuilding the stretch of road from Melaleuca Drive to Moorillah Street Hoppers Crossing

Features include:

  • Rebuilding of existing road
  • Improvement to the quality of road pavement
  • New gutters and driveway entrances
  • Nature Strip landscaping
  • Speed hump
  • Pram crossing


  • Safer for pedestrians to  cross the road
  • Smoother road and travel conditions
  • Improved traffic management to reduce speed

Expected Completion Date: May 2017.

We would like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding while these important roadworks are being undertaken

Derrimut Heath Estate Paved Roads

Location: Derrimut Heath Estate, Hoppers Crossing - Jarman Court, Rudkin Court, Erica Court, Amstel Court, Travis Court, Lawson Court and Waterloo Court.

A $1 million Wyndham City investment to fix seven paved courts in Hoppers Crossing. Council will remove the existing pavers, repair the pavement below and then replace the pavers in sections that are in disrepair.


  • Existing pavers will be re-laid to maintain the local appeal
  • Drainage upgrades as required


  • Improved road safety
  • Increased driveability
  • Better drainage
  • Retaining local neighbourhood character and amenity

Works Commence: April 2017
Works Completed: August 2017

Dohertys Road Widening

A $4 million Wyndham City project – works include the widening of Dohertys Road to two lanes in each direction between Foundation Road and Fitzgerald Road in Laverton North.

Features include:

  • Widening of Dohertys Road
  • Street lighting upgrades
  • Landscaping of the median strip
  • Nature Strip landscaping


  • Improved traffic flow
  • Safer and more reliable journey

Project Update: This project has been delivered ahead of schedule. Two lanes are now fully completed and open to traffic between Foundation and Fitzgerald Roads, allowing people to travel in both directions.

Expected Completion Date: March 2017

Gracefield Court, Stella Way and Enea Place Road

Works at Gracefield Court will involve asphalt resurface and renewal of minor drainage behind the gutters to prevent future road failure.

Works at Stella Way and Enea Place will involve new asphalt surfacing for the entire section and full depth pavement replacement between properties 30 Stella Way and 103 Pannam Drive along with some drainage improvements.


  • New road surface
  • Drainage improvements to prevent water pooling
  • Innovative approach to road repair


  • Improved road safety
  • Increased driveability
  • Better drainage

Expected Start: May 2017
Expected Completion: July 2017

Hoppers Lane Widening and Upgrade

Location: Hoppers Lane, Werribee, between Princes Highway and Sneydes Road

A $3 million joint investment by Wyndham City, VicRoads and Victorian Planning Authority to improve Hoppers Lane between Princes Highway and Sneydes Road. The project will rehabilitate the existing two lanes of Hoppers Lane and construct an additional third lane to allow for several right turn lanes.


  • Right turn lanes to many of the facilities along Hoppers Lane including Suzanne Cory High School, Victoria University and athletics track.
  • Improvement of current road condition and wider shoulders.
  • Refuge islands for pedestrian crossings.
  • Improved bus stops facilities.
  • Extension of path further south
  • Street Lighting upgrade


  • Reduced delays along Hoppers Lane by isolating right turns, which currently hold up traffic.
  • Improved comfort and safety for road users.
  • Increased safety for pedestrians and public transport users.

Estimated Completion: August 2017

Bulban Road Reconstruction

Location: Bulban Rd between Newtons Rd and Manor Rd, Mambourin. 

Works are required to reconstruct this section of road to improve safety to residents and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Works include pavement upgrades and minor road works.


  • Rebuild of both east and west bound lanes
  • Shoulder improvements along various sections of the road


  • Increased road safety
  • Improved road life span
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs

Expected Completion Date: May 2017

Princes Highway Service Road

A $3.5 million Wyndham City project, works include the rebuild and up upgrade between David Court and Old Geelong Rd Hoppers Crossing.


  • Re-build of existing road as renewal is due
  • Upgrade of a section of road from current gravel to sealed road
  • Significant improvement to the quality of the road pavement
  • Works include stormwater pipes that will improve drainage


  • Smoother road / travel condition
  • Improved traffic conditions
  • Landscaping will enhance one of the key entry points to Wyndham

Expected Completion Date: May 2017

We would like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding while these important roadworks are being undertaken.


Tarneit Road Duplications and Melbourne Water Wetlands

Location: Between Hogans Road intersection and Good News School

 A $6 million Wyndham City project, recently approved by Council works include road duplication from 2 to 4 lanes, a Wetlands Park and new signal lights at the intersection in front of the Good News School.


  • Duplication of Tarneit Road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes
  • A New Wetlands Park
  • A new signalised intersection in front of the Good news School


  • Increased road safety
  • Recreation and leisure opportunities
  • Improved traffic flow cutting travel times
  • New stormwater treatment opportunities

Construction Commences: March 2017
Completion: Early 2018

Tarneit Road, Hoppers Crossing

A $1.5m Wyndham City project, the re-building of this section of road between Heaths Rd and Hogans Rd, Hoppers Crossing will benefit from a quality road maintained to a high standard for years to come.

The excavation and construction of road pavement including asphalt paving, ex-situ foam bitumen stabilization, kerb and channel, line marking, concrete path and associated nature strip works.

Features include:

  • Rebuild of existing north bound lanes
  • Pram crossing
  • Improvement to the quality of road pavement
  • Stormwater pipes


  • Safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the road
  • Smoother road and travel condition

Expected Completion Date: March 2017.

We would like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding while these important roadworks are being undertaken.

Werribee South (Cayleys Road, Masons Lane and Whites Road)

Location: Cayleys Rd, Werribee South, Whites Rd, Werribee South and Mason Lane, Werribee South 

A $1.2 million Wyndham City project, this road works package includes upgrades to 3 roads in Werribee South off Diggers Rd - Cayley’s Rd, Whites Rd and Mason Lane.


  • Improvement to drainage
  • Widening of the road to allow for two-way traffic
  • Road edges (shoulders) will be strengthened


  • Safer travel with two-way movement
  • Better drainage

Expected Start Date: February/March 2017
Expected Completion Date: July 2017

For further information please contact 9742 0777 or email to mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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