Baden Powell Dr Reserve

The Baden Powell Dr Reserve will be the recreational and social heart of the Tarneit community.  Regional level skate/bmx/scooter terrain will be complemented with lawns and recreational spaces. Shelter structures will provide for family BBQ’s and gatherings.

The construction phase of this project has just commenced.


  • Regional level skate/bmx/scooter spaces,
  • Sheltered BBQ and picnic areas,
  • Playgrounds,
  • Exercise and fitness area,
  • Lawns, trees and gardenbeds,
  • Carparking
  • Public Toilet

Benefits: Areas to play and to socialise with family and friends

Estimate Completion Date: November 2017
Location: Baden Powell Drive, Tarneit

View Baden Powell Drive Reserve - Rev Artist Impressions

More Information: Peter Grogan, 9742 0777

Grange Soccer Reserve

The Grange Soccer Reserve upgrade will bring an overall improvement for users with the upgrade of playing surface and improved lighting.


  • Soccer Pitch 1 with new playing surface (natural turf)
  • Soccer Pitch 2 with lighting upgrade.


  • Improved playing surface
  • Additional lighting at reserve to assist with training.

Estimated Start/Completion Dates:

  • Lighting: Commenced with 3 lights installed by end of July 2017 and additional light by June 2018.
  • Pitch upgrade: Start in September 2017 with completion by December 2017

James Cook Drive Park

Major Projects - James Cook Drive Park

The $450,000 upgrade to James Cook Drive will improve and expand the playground areas while accessibility to the Melbourne Water natural grass channel to the south of the park will be retained.


  • Basketball 1/4 court
  • Playground area will be expanded and include different types of play areas
  • Shade shelter and seating
  • Central lawn area for recreation and ball sports


  • Areas to play and to socialise with family and friends
  • Accessibility to the Melbourne Water natural grass channel

Estimated completion date: Mid October 2017

Landscape Drive Park

Major Projects - Landscape Drive Park

A $450,000 project, the upgrade of Landscape Drive Park will provide opportunities for different types of play and recreation, for the local community to enjoy! The proposed design includes new seating and shelter.


  • Full sized multi sports court, including ball sports
  • Play terrain and additional playground equipment
  • Shade shelter and seating
  • Tree cover for shade
  • Lawn areas for leisure and recreation


  • Areas to play and socialise

Estimated completion date: Mid November 2017

Lawrie Emmins Motocross Track

The project remains on hold, as Council considers management options for the track.

Once a management model is determined by Council, the redevelopment will progress.

We appreciate that stakeholders have been patient and supportive of the project despite the unforeseen delays that have impacted delivery.

The  $700,000 redevelopment of the Lawrie Emmins Motocross Track will provide residents with a safe & legal motorcycling facility.

Features will include:

  • Senior motocross track,
  • Junior track,
  • Accessible toilets,
  • Site office,
  • Car park,
  • Safety upgrades

For further information or to provide feedback please contact:

Correne Cooper, Recreation Planning and Policy Officer
 Ph: 8734 5488   Ext: 2344 


Mainview Boulevard Reserve Pavilion

Mainview Boulevard Reserve Pavilion

Project Update

The Mainview Boulevard Reserve (Allura Estate) pavilion and car park construction project is well underway.

Wyndham City has commenced construction of the $2.987 million project.

When complete, the reserve will include:

  • two ovals 
  • pavillion that will include a social area, kitchen, four change rooms and amenities, storage, umpires rooms and public toilets.
  • car parking for 100 cars

The state of the art pavilion has been designed to oversee both ovals and provide the required amenity to maximise the use of the whole reserve.

This project was supported by a $1,200,000 grant made available through the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

For further information please contact Correne Cooper - Acting Team Leader recreation Starategy ( or call 8734 5488 (ext:  2344).

Mossfiel Reserve Master Plan


Works at Mossfiel Reserve as part of the Master Plan implementation will begin in September 2017.

The first stage of works will involve service connections and clearing the site for construction of the Sports & Community Pavilion.

The $7.197 million project will include demolition of the existing Mossfiel Hall.


  • construction of two new sporting / community pavilions
  • new sporting fields
  • new car park
  • state of the art reserve for residents to enjoy

Timeframes for further stages of the project are as follows:


  • Complete construction of sports and community pavilion ($3.4m)
  • Finalise design of landscape/ fields
  • Begin construction of landscape/ fields ($3.2m)
  • Finalise design of netball pavilion


  • Complete construction of landscape/fields
  • Construct netball / community pavilion

This project was supported by a $1,800,000 grant made available through the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

For further information please contact Correne Cooper,  Recreation Policy and Planning Officer via or call 8734 5488 (ext: 2344).

Talliver Terrace Park (Skeleton Creek Bridges)

A $3.5 million Wyndham City project  project, Talliver Terrace Park - approximately 1.3 hectares in size will showcase a range of facilities for all age groups to explore and enjoy. In addition to the park facilities, there will be two bridges that will connect to a shared path network along Skelton Creek.


  • Netball space for all age groups
  • Basketball space
  • Unique play equipment
  • Natural play activity areas
  • Shelter and barbeque amenities
  • Major pedestrian /cycle bridge over Skelton Creek, supporting healthy and active lifestyles
  • Major pedestrian / cycle bridge over the Melbourne Water channel, supporting healthy and active lifestyles


  • Areas to play and socialise
  • Accessibility to shared paths along Skeleton Creek
  • Connecting two separate communities
  • Access to a newly built park for residents who live west of Skeleton Creek

Estimated Completion Date: November 2017

Williams Landing Boulevard Reserve

Williams Landing Boulevard Reserve

The Williams Landing Boulevard Reserve Master Plan has been completed.

Williams Landing residents will soon be able to enjoy their new state of the art, active open space reserve! The reserve development will create a space where people can engage in healthy activity and come to together as a community.

The reserve will include:

  • 2 Ovals with flexible space to accommodate multiple sports
  • 6 tennis courts
  • Children’s playground
  • Half-court basketball
  • Cricket nets
  • Car park
  • Pavilion including change rooms and community space
  • Shared path network
  • Landscaping

The reserve will be developed in the following stages:


  • Detailed design of the pavilion
  • Completion of detailed design of field and landscape
  • Commencement of construction of fields and landscape


  • Completion of construction of fields and landscape
  • Construction of pavilion

Once the reserve is complete, Council will work with the local community to establish which sporting clubs will use the reserve. To register your interest in being involved in or establishing a local sports club, please contact Council’s Leisure Projects Officer via email

For further information on the development of the reserve please contact Correne Cooper, Leisure Planning & Policy Officer on 8734 5488 ext: 2344 or email

Nottingham Crescent Park

Nottingham Crescent Park Concept

The upgrade to Nottingham Crescent Park will improve and expand the playground areas.

The design of Nottingham Crescent Park will improve the overall quality and aesthetic of the park, while catering for a variety of experiences.  Proposed uses include:

  • Basketball 1/4 court
  • Lots of trees for shade
  • Recreational seating areas
  • Vibrant planting

Estimated completion date: October 2017

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