Each year Wyndham City resurfaces a number of roads across the municipality, to make our suburban streets smoother, safer and more enjoyable for everyday use.

When the surface of a road gets older, the bitumen can become brittle and begin to crack as vehicles drive over it. These cracks allow water to get in under the road, which leads to potholes, and further damage to the road surface.

This year’s program covered 9,732 metres of road, or 82,154 square metres of road pavement. 


  • Industrial Avenue, from Old Geelong Road to Richards Road, Hoppers Crossing
  • Morris Road, from Andrew Road to Clearwater Rise, Hoppers Crossing
  • Mokhtar Drive, from Haideh Court to Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing
  • Birchwood Boulevard, from Grevillea Crescent to Palm Street, Hoppers Crossing
  • Ash Court, from Wildflower Crescent to Palm Street, Hoppers Crossing
  • Hogans Road, from Carson Crescent to Cumming Drive, Hoppers Crossing
  • Mossfiel Drive, from Hogans Road to Bartlett Crescent, Hoppers Crossing
  • Oak Close, from Sycamore Street to the end of the road, Hoppers Crossing
  • Bethany Road, from Hogans Road to Yandina Road, Hoppers Crossing
  • Yandina Road, from Banksia Crescent to Bethany Road
  • Westmill Drive, from William Wright Wynd to Sutton Close, Hoppers Crossing
  • Cherry Lane, Laverton North
  • Pipe Road, from Merino Street to Stanley Road, Laverton North
  • Burke Street, from Wedge Street to Raven Grove, Werribee
  • Dixon Avenue, from Duncans Road to Salisbury Street, Werribee
  • Sinns Avenue, from Slattery Street to Charles Street, Werribee
  • Watton Street, up to Comben Drive, Werribee
  • Queens Court North, from Princes Highway Service Road, to the end of the street, Werribee
  • Cemetery Road, from Railway Avenue to Shaws Road, Werribee
  • Cassonwary Road, Railway Avenue to Shaws Road, Werribee
  • Parramatta Road, from Tulley Court to Culgoa Court, Werribee
  • Tumut Court, from Parramatta Road to the end of the road, Werribee
  • Torrens Street, from Loddon Court to Murchison Court, Werribee
  • Derwent Road, between Yarra Street and Purchas Street, Werribee
  • Gerald Street, between Greaves Street North and Rowes Road, Werribee
  • Westminster Drive, between Whitehall Crescent and Coventry Drive, Werribee
  • Greaves Street North, between Quarbing Street and Roscrea Court, Werribee
  • Cherry Street, between Princes Highway and Railway Avenue, Werribee
  • Macquarie Drive, between Westworth Avenue and Nordic Crescent, Wyndham Vale
  • Manor Lakes Boulevard, between Clarence Street and Pedder Street, Wyndham Vale
  • Haines Drive, Wyndham Vale
  • Boundary Road, between Derrimut Road and Tarneit Road, Tarneit
  • Dohertys Road, between Tarneit Road and Derrimut Road, Tarneit
  • Dunnings Road, between Boardwalk Boulevard and Innisfail Drive, Point Cook
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