As restrictions begin to ease, we’ll be doing more outside to limit the spread of COVID-19. Community groups, sporting clubs, dance schools, gymnastic groups, faith communities, and other programs and groups are able to book public open spaces to deliver their programs.

We know our community have been missing their outdoor spaces, our booking system means that groups can get back to the programs and activities they know and love in a COVID-safe way.

Upon lodging an application, Council will work with you to determine a suitable space in the area for your activity. This could be in a local park or reserve, in an outdoor section of a community centre, in car parks, or any other public outdoor space.

All community groups looking to apply will need to submit a simple online booking form, along with a COVID-safe plan outlining the precautions on site to limit the spread of COVID-19. Groups will also need to demonstrate that they have public liability insurance in place.

To access a template for a COVID safe plan visit

For more information email



Who can book an outdoor space?

Sport and recreation providers, community groups, faith communities and any other community-based groups can apply to secure an outdoor space.

What outdoor spaces are included?

Outdoor spaces include local parks and reserves, outdoor sections at community centres, car parks of Council facilities, and other spaces. We will work with you to determine the best possible solution for your program or activity.

Do I need a COVID safe plan?

Yes. In line with State Government guidelines, a COVID safe plan must be filled out and submitted with your application. 

How long will it take to process my application?

Applications will take up to five business days. Will we endeavour to process applications sooner if possible.

Will I definitely get my preferred location?

This may not always be possible, due to other bookings and capacity limits in line with DHHS guidelines. Council staff will work with you to identify a suitable location if your first preference is not possible. We will discuss all options with you.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

We will notify you via email once your application has been considered. We will also phone you to discuss site suitability or if we require further information.

Is there a cost associated?

No. All fees have been waived until the end of 2020.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Yes. Upon applying, you will need to indicate that you have public liability insurance.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For more information email


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