Our Environmental Health Officers conduct regular education visits to tobacco retailers, eating establishments, licensed premises and gaming venues in regards to administering and enforcing requirements under the Tobacco Act. We also enforce non-compliances in response to education visits and public complaints.

Wyndham City aims to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoking through:

  • Enforcing smoke free dining
  • Banning smoking in designated areas of licensed premises, shopping centres and children and young people areas used for recreational and sporting activities
  • Regulating display and advertising of tobacco products
  • Banning illegal tobacco products

Strict legislation regulates the sale and display of tobacco on retail and food premises. Any form of tobacco advertising such as flags, posters, stickers or signage either within or external of the retail outlet is prohibited. Tobacco products are prohibited from being displayed within the retail outlet although some specialist tobacconists may have some exemptions.

A quit smoking or health warning sign must be displayed at the point of sale or at the entrance of the premises along with a ‘We don’t sell Tobacco to minors’ sign.

Further information about Tobacco Regulations can be obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services or by calling the Tobacco Information Line on 1300 136 775.

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