Reading to Pets Facebook Comp

Reading to Pets is an annual Facebook competition run by the Wyndham City Libraries. Parents and guardians from Wyndham are encouraged to enter a photo of their child reading aloud to their pet, for their child’s chance to a great prize. The photos are shared on the Libraries in Wyndham Facebook page, where the photo which receives the most likes wins. The entrants also have the chance to win the Librarian’s Choice prize, which is chosen based on the quality of the photo and the interaction between the child and animal. To view all of the 2022 entries, you can do so here, and you can also view the winners down below.

When reading aloud to a fellow person, children can often feel self-conscious as they’re afraid to make a mistake. Reading aloud to an animal can put them in a judgement free situation, thus improving their self-confidence, which in turn can help develop their literacy skills.

2022 Winners

Aarizul reading to Nemo

Aarizul reading to Nemo, winner of the most liked photograph

Caden reading to Chikezie

Caden reading to Chikezie, winner of the Librarian’s Choice

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