Thank you!

Wyndham City Libraries would like to thank the students and schools who participated in Battle of the Books 2021! We are so impressed by your efforts and hope that you enjoyed being part of the program.

Winners and award ceremony

Congratulations to all our winners! We’re sorry that we can’t congratulate you in person at this time, but we’ll be organising visits to your schools once restrictions lift so that we can award you with your trophies and prizes.

Review Highlights

"The Midnight Gang is a book by David Walliams. It’s about a boy, Tom, who goes into hospital and meets new friends there. It’s quite a creative book as stuff that happens in the book wouldn’t normally happen in hospitals, but it gets us to use our imagination and visualise things that MIGHT happen. Overall, I think that the book is a good book if you area person that likes to read adventurous things OR realistic fiction novels."
Reviewed by An Duong from Tarneit P-9 College.


Time lapse illustration of Holes by Louis Sachar drawn by Abhiraj Singh from Wyndham Christian College.


“I liked this book because it had really nice images and diagrams especially the ones that show Ella and her friends warm ups at twister, (I did a few in my spare time and I also learned how to do a cartwheel) I also like how the author connected her work at twisters and at her school together by making the topic gymnastics.”
Ella Diaries Gym Squad Tumble by Meredith Costain
Reviewed by Varshaa Manikumar ­from Stella Maris Catholic Primary School


A child's drawing of a black dog

Illustration of Hairy Maclary by Abdul Siddiqui from Tarneit P-9 College


We would love to hear from the students who participated in Battle of the Books. Please let tell us what you thought of the program to help us make improvements:  

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If you have any questions about Battle of the Books, please email Sophie at or call 8734 0213.

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