A pile of books all with the beige top and bottom on the cover to show they are in Dyslexie font

Wyndham City Libraries is expanding its kids fiction collection and has a new range of dyslexic friendly books. Some of our most popular children’s books are now presented in Dyslexie font.  

Dyslexia affects a persons ability to read and spell. Some people have difficulty learning the sounds of words. These books are great for those that struggle with words and reading.  

Over 170 titles to choose from and more will be added soon!  Check the entire list out on our catalogue or search using the term "Dyslexic Edition".

Books on a shelf showing the Dyslexic spine label

These books are shelved in the Kids Fiction collection at your local library. They are easily found when browsing the shelves by looking for this sticker on the spine. 

A circle with four circles inside, as though the letters pbdg are overlapped.

Dyslexie font is a typeface designed to assist those with dyslexia. Heavy base line and larger than normal openings with a slight slant, it can make reading easier.  

A book held open to show text set in Dyslexie, a dyslexic friendly font

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