Wyndham City Libraries is seeking feedback about our Early Years Programs. We want to learn what you think is working and what isn't.

Your feedback will be used to help determine what needs to change in the program structure to better meet early literacy goals and determine which programs to continue or change.

Whether you're a Wyndham Libraries member, or attending the programs separately, your feedback is important.

For further information, contact Wyndham Children's Librarian, Angela Middleton on 8734 2600.

What program did you attend today?
How likely you are to recommend this program to others?
How well did this program do the following?
Helped you/your child learn useful things
Provided an enjoyable and productive learning experience
Gave you an opportunity to meet other people
Encouraged you to read and/or sing with your child at home
How did you find out about this program?
Are you a Wyndham Libraries member?
What do you borrow from Wyndham Libraries?
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