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Finding Electro Girl: A conversation with author Lainie Chait

Wyndham City Libraries recently hosted Lainie Chait, author of Electro Girl: Living a symbiotic existence with epilepsy.

Lainie invented her superhero persona Electro Girl when she was diagnosed with epilepsy at 19 years of age. Electro Girl: Living a symbiotic existence with epilepsy portrays a life lived with epilepsy for 25 years. Hear how a holistic approach with medication and lifestyle change minimised her condition.

Transcript to come.

Live with the Librarians


Live with the Librarians is a quarterly program which airs as a livestream on Facebook.

Join us as we discuss what we’ve been reading and share recommendations for new releases and old favourites. We’d love to hear from you in the comments with your own recommendations or questions.

Featured episode: 

Live with the Librarians: Summer 2019

In episode four of Live with the Librarians, host Anita is joined by librarians Anu, Jess, and Lachlan to discuss some of the books they’ve been reading, and what they're looking forward to next.


Recently Returned Podcast

Tune in to Recently Returned, our podcast on books and reading. Subscribe to hear interviews with guest authors, book recommendations from our librarians and discussions on what we’ve been reading. You can stream Recently Returned via Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes and Spotify.

Featured episode:

Science Fiction

A ufo beams up some books

In this episode Kirsty chats with guest librarian Tom about space travel, organs in bags, and all things science fiction.

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