Wyndham City is among the driest municipalities in the Greater Melbourne area and has seen a 15% decline in average annual rainfall since 1942 making sustainable water use particularly important. The largest contributors to council’s water consumption profile are sports reserves, aquatic centres, buildings and parks.

What is Wyndham City doing?

  • In partnership with City West Water, piped recycled water supply is now connected to several sports reserves in Wyndham including Saltwater, Featherbrook, Glen Orden and Mossfiel reserves
  • Rainwater tanks have been installed at a number of Community Centres and Facilities including the Depot and Refuse Disposal Facility with the water reused for toilet flushing, landscape irrigation and vehicle wash down
  • Water Audits have been carried out at more than 50 of Wyndham City’s buildings and facilities since 2008 leading to a comprehensive retrofit program of water efficient fixtures and fittings
  • A new Water Action Plan for 2015 to 2020 has been adopted. Actions included in the Plan will improve the resilience of Wyndham City’s operations to drought and climate change through improved water use efficiency and use of alternative water sources
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