Wyndham City has committed more than $3 million to upgrade nine stormwater treatment wetlands from 2019 – 2022. Council will significantly extend the size of the wetlands and install gross pollutant traps to capture 95% of litter and solid waste before it can enter our creeks.

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These wetlands drain to important local waterways such as Werribee River, Lollypop Creek and Skeleton Creek, which in turn flow to Port Phillip Bay, so Wyndham’s healthier waterways program will benefit the environment and communities beyond Wyndham City.

How it works

During storms, stormwater runoff from buildings and roads enters drainage networks, collecting litter, nutrients and toxins along the way. Man-made, stormwater wetlands are used to clean this water before it enters our natural waterways.

Gross pollutants traps are large, efficient underground structures that use physical processes to trap solid waste such as litter and coarse sediment. They are commonly installed upstream of wetlands to remove large, non-biodegradable pollutants. When litter passes through the gross pollutant trap, litter and coarse sediment are captured inside the storage sump within the trap. Council will then remove and dispose of these pollutants appropriately.

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  • Nine stormwater wetlands being upgraded over three years
  • Gross pollutant traps being installed to capture 95% of litter
  • Wetlands being significantly extended in size
  • New plants being planted to soak up harmful toxins


  • Ensuring our natural waterways are clean
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife
  • Creating a pleasant place for people

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Wetlands being upgraded:

  1. Flinders Crescent, Wyndham Vale
  2. Amber Place, Wyndham Vale
  3. The Boulevard, Point Cook
  4. Lysterfield Walk, Manor Lakes
  5. Watkins Grove, Werribee
  6. Riversdale Drive, Werribee
  7. The Promenade, Point Cook
  8. Spencer Street, Point Cook
  9. Viewbank Court, Point Cook

Contact details: Environment & Water Department mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au  

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