The Greening the Pipeline plan aims to transform 27 kilometres of the heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer reserve into a continuous parkland. Our vision is to create a vibrant space that will connect communities, and provide a unique place to meet, play and relax.

This project is being undertaken through a partnership between Melbourne Water, City West Water, Wyndham City Council, VicRoads and supported by Greening the West.

What is the Main Outfall Sewer?

The Main Outfall Sewer (MOS) was built in the 1890s to improve the health of Melbourne. For nearly 100 years it transferred the majority of Melbourne’s sewage for treatment until 1993. In 2005, VicRoads built the Federation Trail for cyclists and pedestrians along the MOS reserve land. 

The Pilot Park - Williams Landing

The Williams Landing parkland is the pilot park for the Greening the Pipeline plan. The park showcases the potential in creating a green linear parkland that takes a more total approach to water management.

Stage One - Lawrie Emmins Reserve to Skeleton Creek 

The project will focus on creating a parkland between Lawrie Emmins Reserve and Skeleton Creek, Zone 5 on the map. The pilot park in Williams Landing showcases the potential of the reserve. 

Visit the Greening the Pipeline website

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