Electric mowers

Wyndham City has welcomed the arrival of two new electric zero-turn mowers that produce zero emissions.

The two Ecoteq EVO ZTR Mowers joined Council’s fleet in March 2023, with the larger 35-kilowatt mower to service Wyndham’s larger assets – such as Wyndham Park – and a smaller 22-kilowatt mower to be used City-wide.

Just one of these mowers is equivalent to taking 140 cars off the road each year.

Over a typical four-year lifespan, electric mowers are cheaper than traditional petrol mowers because they require no fuel and less maintenance.

This means that Wyndham City will not only be reducing its carbon footprint but also saving money in the long term.

They also reduce noise pollution by up to 50 per cent, meaning they can be operated without hearing protection.

This investment aligns with Wyndham City’s Resilient Wyndham Strategy, which includes a goal of net-zero Council emissions by 2023.

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