Plastic Free July is an Australian born campaign about raising awareness of the global plastic problem and challenging yourself to reduce the amount of single use plastic in your life. By reducing the amount of plastic we consume we in turn reduce the need for fossil fuels (plastic is derived from oil) and plastics entering our precious environments as pollution.

plastic free

To help you go plastic free, here are few simple tips:

1. Ditch the take away coffee cup for a reusable one instead or, if you forget, take some time out and enjoy a coffee while sitting down at your favourite cafe. Australians use 1 billion coffee cups each year.

2. Avoid fresh produce wrapped in plastic, instead opting for loose produce. Alternatively, you can take along your own hand-made or bought reusable produce bags.

3. Swap bottled liquid soap for a bar of soap.

4. Avoid the use of cling film by placing a plate over a bowl, using a reusable cover or beeswax wrap.

5. Many tea bags contain plastic and it is hard to differentiate which ones do or not so go for loose leaf instead and enjoy a lovely pot of tea!

To find more tips and to make your pledge to go plastic free this month visit


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