Litter Legends

Wyndham City is determined to Keep Wyndham Clean, so we want to recognise the people in our community who are doing their best to clean up!  By recognising our Litter Legends, we hope to inspire others to help make our home a beautiful place for all.

If you know someone (including yourself) who does their best to Keep Wyndham Clean, please nominate them on the form below.  While anyone can be nominated, Council will seek permission from the nominee before recognising their nomination.  After receiving permission, nominees will be recognised as Wyndham Litter Legends, with promotion via this webpage and (where possible) the Wyndham City Green Living e-newsletter, social media and other Council publications.  They will also receive a Litter Legend certificate and a keep cup (optional).

To be eligible, nominees must prevent, reduce or report litter in Wyndham.  Examples of this could include (but are not limited to) picking up litter and putting it in the bin, auditing collected litter and recording the data, encouraging others to reduce litter in Wyndham or reporting those who drop litter.

For more information email or call 1300 023 411.

Nominate a Litter Legend

Litter Legend - Graham McKinnon

Litter Legend - Graham

Graham joined the monthly Love Our Street 3030 group in 2019 and came along with lots of enthusiasm. He has always been active within his own clean-ups locally, particularly around the Werribee Bowling Club where he also volunteers.

During the pandemic, Graham started to spend more time cleaning up in Chirnside Park and also working with another volunteer working to clean up the entire length of Ballan Road. Graham continues to report in his independent cleanup work to the Love Our Street 3030 Coordinator, which then gets entered into LitterStopper and goes to DELWP.

Graham also continues to attend and support the monthly clean-ups with Love Our Street 3030. Graham is passionate, dedicated and wants to make a difference in our public streets, parks, and waterways.

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