Wyndham Sport Strategy

Wyndham City is developing a Sports Strategy and we want you to help shape it.  Your input will help us to plan for and build reserves that support health and activity for the whole community.

What is the Sports Strategy?

The Wyndham Sports Strategy will determine how Wyndham City delivers sports infrastructure across the city in line with the principles of the Leisure Strategy.  It will have an outlook to 2045 to:

  • Determine Wyndham’s plan to provide local access to sport for all residents
  • Identify how Wyndham will structure sports infrastructure to respond to barriers in participation such as gender, age, ethnicity, ability, work, personal commitments and socio economic needs.
  • Resolve how Wyndham will respond to the dynamic needs of the community and diverse participation trends across its sports infrastructure.
  • Determine the plan for sports infrastructure which sustainably uses community resources to maintain and enhance the quality of life for Wyndham residents now and into the future.

Why we need a Sports Strategy?

Wyndham’s population growth is at an unprecedented rate.  The current population is recorded at 213,911 (2016) with an expected population of between 400,000 – 450,000 by 2045. 

Wyndham has 32 existing Active Open Spaces with a further 34+ to develop.  There are multiple indoor and outdoor venues both publicly and privately operated.

Wyndham is significantly diverse ethnically and its health needs are varied.  Demands for a different way to play and access sport are already unfolding.

The planning of the growth corridors has already seen the development many precinct structures for Wyndham’s new communities. 

The Sports Strategy will establish an integrated and sustainable sports network across the municipality which will benefit the physical, mental and social wellness of the whole community now and in 2045.

It will also provide guidance for:

  • Providing a legacy of best value for the Wyndham community’s wellbeing, environment and economy.
  • Enable Council to address the access needs of growth activities and diversity of sporting opportunities in our locally diverse and globally connected community.
  • Ensure sports infrastructure inclusively connects residents and facilitates the development of community capacity and social leadership.
  • Develop strong partnerships between Council, the community and industry regarding the capital development of facilities.

Project Plan

Phase 1: September – November 2016

  • Context Review: Data collection and analysis
  • Literature Review
  • Consultation period (late October – Nov)

Phase 2: November – January 2016

  • Issues and Opportunities Paper
  • Financial Analysis of Options and Issues

Phase 3: January – July 2017

  • Draft Wyndham Sports Strategy
  • Final Wyndham Sports Strategy Adopted by Council

Project Newsletters

The newsletters provide information at key points in the strategy to inform and engage key stakeholders including the Wyndham community, sports clubs, state sporting associations and the sports industry.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved

  • Complete a survey
  • Social media: take a photo of you, your friend and family playing your favourite sport and tag #experiencewyndham #mywyndhamsport
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