Tell us which trees in Wyndham should be protected by Wyndham's Significant Tree Register.

Many trees within Wyndham have significant scientific, social, historic and amenity attributes. The purpose of the Significant Tree Register to provide a framework where trees of significance within Wyndham can be identified, assessed and afforded appropriate protection.

About the Significant Tree Register

Council aims to identify and protect trees of significance located on land owned or managed by Council and within the public realm. This register contains an individual Statement of Tree Significance for each significant tree feature, which will ultimately support an amendment to the planning scheme. Once planning controls are implemented, a permit will be required to remove or carry out major works on any tree listed within this register.

This register is intended to be a continually evolving entity. The register will be updated to include additional significant tree features and to remove those that no longer exist within the landscape. As outlined in the City Forest and Habitat Strategy once the initial public realm process is established Council will review options for including trees within the private realm.

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