We are preparing a Coastal Management Plan to provide for the long term planning, management and enhancement of the Wyndham coastline.

The plan will be developed in collaboration with State planning agencies under the Victorian Coastal Strategy and explore a broad range of environmental, recreation, economic and development issues.

We've been speaking to you

Community input has been used to prepare a discussion paper summarising key issues and opportunities along the coastline, as the first step towards the development of the Wyndham Coastal Management Plan.

The Wyndham Coastal Management Plan Issues and Opportunities Paper is now available in the documents library.

Please take time to review the document and provide us with your comments by logging onto The Loop project page or by email to sue.neale@wyndham.vic.gov.au. You can also ask as a question below and we will get back to you by email or phone.

What we've done so far

Between February and June, 2018, Council hosted a series of community engagement sessions to understand what people love and value most about the Wyndham coast and their ideas for improving it into the future. Council also hosted a community engagement activity at the National Disability Insurance Scheme Expo to better understand how the coastline can be made more accessible to people living with a disability. Community engagement summaries for these initiatives are also available in the document library.

To find out more, visit The Loop - Online Engagement: Central Park Redevelopment

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