What is the Wyndham City Plan?

The Wyndham City Plan sets out the priorities which will guide the work done by Council over the next four years. It specifically identifies what Council is working towards under each theme. Each year, Council’s Annual Integrated Plan and Budget is shaped by the themes, strategic objectives and action strategies of the City Plan. In additional to being a legislated requirement for all Local Governments, this document is reported against to measure the how well objectives are met.  

How this Plan is different from previous City Plans

The 2017-21 City Plan will be Wyndham’s first to be founded on the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision, as well as the District Plans and the work of the District Advisory Committees. Community members’ vision for the municipality are central through the entire planning process and set the expectation for what Council will seek to achieve.

This will also be the first time that the Community Health, Wellbeing and Safety Plan will be integrated into the City Plan. The amalgamation of these two plans represents a whole-of-Council commitment, which means that it is the job of every service area and function at Council to improve the health, wellbeing and safety outcomes of the community.

Work so far

Council and our leadership team have now absorbed the feedback received through the Wyndham 2040 engagement process, as well as reviewing the findings of the District Open Days and the Annual Community Satisfaction Survey. Based on what you told us through these extensive consultations, a set of community priorities were proposed.

Through March 2017, Council tested these proposed priorities in three different ways:

  • 8x pop-up interactive engagement stations across Districts
  • Station Place Listening Post
  • Citizenship Ceremony
  • 2x Youth Forums
  • Immunisation session
  • Diversity Cup
  • Little River Listening Post
  • Multicultural Fiesta
  • 1x in-depth deliberative engagement workshop with targeted community leaders
  • Online survey made available via this webpage

Current tallying suggests that almost 400 individuals have shared their views on what matters to them, and what Council should focus on for the next four years. This early validation phase is now complete. We are busy analysing the results of the above activities, so that collated findings may inform further drafting of the City Plan. 

A Summary City Plan Consultation Report will be published here Wednesday 5 April for those interested in what the community had to say.

A full draft of the City Plan 2017-21, as well as the draft Annual Plan & Budget 2017-18 will be exhibited for public comment 10 May - 7 June. Copies of both will be available online or in print.   

For more information, or to join our stakeholder mailing list contact Tallia on 0498 800 530 or WyndhamCityPlan@wyndham.vic.gov.au


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