An exciting new skate area is coming to the Point Cook Skate Park, designed especially for beginner and intermediate skaters.

Why are we expanding?

Council is expanding the Point Cook Skate Park at Boardwalk Park in Point Cook to include an area for beginners and intermediate skaters, appealing to a greater number of skaters and scooter riders. The expansion will also give skaters and scooter riders an opportunity to take on more challenges as they improve.

The vision

Located beside the existing skate park, the new skate area will include:

  • Skate element for beginner and intermediate skaters
  • Paths
  • Seating
  • Garden beds.

As part of this project the surrounding landscape is subject to change, however, this project does not extend to the whole of Boardwalk Park and does not include the playground, BBQ or toilet facilities.

To get involved visit The Loop.

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