Wyndham City has developed a draft Play Space Strategy to provide the strategic direction for existing play space areas and the programming of new play space works for 2025-2045 in line with the recent Open Space Strategy.

The Play Space Strategy aims to create a clear vision and principles, while taking into consideration:

  • changing demographics
  • quality
  • activity levels
  • place making
  • age appropriateness
  • diversity of play provisions
  • accessibility

Wyndham's Vision

Create an environment which enables children to grow and develop to their optimum potential.

Outcomes of the Plan:

  1. High quality, accessible environments which promote children’s creativity and maximise social interactions.
  2. To create an accessible community, where all children and families can access parts of the community by a number of modes, including; walking, riding and public transport.

To find out more visit The Loop - Online Engagement: Play Space Strategy

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