Reinvigorating our open space - connecting people to the outdoors and each other.

We are very excited to announce, Golden Square Park is getting a face lift!

As part of a larger strategy across Wyndham City, Golden Square has been allocated for improvements within the open space network of more than 270 parks.

Sliding, swinging, climbing, running - what's your favourite?

You can check out the park concept plan here which outlines how Council proposes to divide the areas of the park between:

  • playground area
  • nature-based play
  • open-space 'kick-about' area
  • youth activity area

The Bigger Picture

Why we are upgrading?

Golden Square Park upgrade fits into a larger strategy across the municipality.

This Strategy will address the ageing infrastructure including playground equipment, pathways, furniture and landscaping within a number of reserves in order to meet the expectations of the local residents and the broader community.

The upgrades address the need for reinvigorating reserve infrastructure to better align with Council's Open Space Strategy and Play Space Strategy.

What we are upgrading?

The upgrades across the municipality may include:

  • play equipment upgrades
  • new path networks
  • small ball sport areas
  • seating
  • potential picnic areas
  • tree planting
  • open grass area improvements

To find out more, visit The Loop - Online Engagement: Central Park Redevelopment

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