Wyndham City is one of the most diverse and fast-growing communities in Australia. As its population has increased, so has its level of activity and interest in festivals and events. Council has responded to this by setting a ‘road-map’ for the future with the development of the Wyndham Festival and Events Framework. The Framework seeks to provide Council with clear direction for its planning, delivery, decision-making and support for festivals and events across the municipality.

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Following community discussion, Council has developed the draft Festival and Events Framework which provides a background, including the benefits of festivals and events and Council’s various roles within them. It also outlines, four key objectives, the issues, opportunities and strategic directions for each, together with the specific actions that Council will take over the next 2 years to progress these.

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The draft Framework is now out for exhibition so please take time to review and complete the survey by logging onto The Loop project page.

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