Support Options

Individual Child

  • 4 Year Old Service
    PSFOs can assist four year old children attending a State-funded four year old Kindergarten program with parental/guardian consent.
  • 3 Year Old Service
    PSFOs can assist three year old children (including with the transition into a funded four year old Kindergarten program) with parental/guardian consent.   If the request is received towards the end of the year and the child has not received the full Unit of Care, this Unit of Care can be completed at the child’s 4 year old Kindergarten.  If an Educator at the Kindergarten feels that the child needs further PSFO involvement, they should facilitate a new request for support. 

Group Support

The group support option encourages the educator to consider and reflect upon inclusive practices and focus on the entire group of educators and children.

Through group support, the PSFO can collaborate with the educational team to:

  • Identify transitions, routines, expectations or experiences that may be modified to support inclusive practices
  • Consider the group dynamics of children and how this affects participation and inclusion within a variety of experiences
  • Support goal setting, choices and forward planning to make curriculum changes to support an inclusive programme for all children
  • Reflect upon resources that may assist with all children’s understanding, learning and contribution to the programme

Request forms for all the above options can be found here or by contacting the service on the number or email provided.

Priority of Access

Priority of Access can be requested by contacting the PSFO Area Leader.  If granted, the request will be moved to the top of the waiting list ready for allocation to a PSFO but will not guarantee immediate allocation as this will depend on workloads at the time.

Additional Unit of Care for Individual Child Support Requests

Once an initial Unit of Care, 11 hours, has been utilised, educators can apply for an additional Unit of Care to extend services provided by a PSFO, so long as this is in the same year as the original support.

Please complete the following steps to apply for an Additional Unit of Care i.e. up to 11 hours:

  1. Consult your Service Manager/Team Leader about the child’s ongoing requirements to ascertain further needs.
  2. Discuss with the PSFO team member who is currently supporting you.
  3. Submit the request via email to the PSFO Service email address.

What criteria will be used to determine if a child is eligible for an additional unit of care?

The following three eligibility criteria will apply when considering an additional unit of care i.e. up to 11 hours:

  • Safety issues/vulnerability; when a child, family or staff member’s safety is at risk
  • Family change in circumstances; including marriage breakdown, divorce or separation, domestic violence, child protection involvement, Child First referral involvement or death in the family.
  • Service changes; change of service, staff, session or location


What will happen if an educator requests support for a child and they have commenced the pathway for Early Childhood Early Intervention (Brotherhood of St Laurence/NDIS) Services?

  • A child who has commenced the Early Childhood Early Intervention pathway (through the Brotherhood of St Laurence or NDIS) and is waiting for service to commence, can access one unit of care, up to 11 hours in total from the Wyndham PSFO Service.
  • If Early Childhood Early Intervention service commences, they will no longer receive PSFO support.

General Advice

You can call the PSFO service for guidance and information without completing a request for support form.  We can provide phone support to discuss your concerns, guide you with referral options, strategies for inclusion or how to approach parents, etc.

How to request support from the PSFO service

Please complete the following steps to request support for an individual child:

  1. Discuss your concerns with the family

Please use an interpreter to have the conversations with families who do not have English as their primary language.

Educators or other professionals must discuss their reasons for requesting PSFO support with the child’s parent/guardian prior to submitting the form.

  1. Complete the request for support form with the family

Please complete the form in consultation with the family, there are sections for you both to complete.  The form can be downloaded via the Wyndham City Council website or one can be emailed to you.

The request for support form is updated every year – please ensure you send the current form.  Be specific about the child’s needs and what you are requiring support with.

  1. Submit the signed form to the PSFO Service

Email or post the form to our service at the address provided on the form.

Once the request has been received by the PSFO Service an email or letter of confirmation will be sent. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us to check receipt.

All decisions made regarding the developmental needs of the child and any further referrals required, will be made in collaboration with the parent and educators.

PSFO Support Request Forms

Contact the PSFO Service

Preschool Field Officer Service
Wyndham City Council
45 Princes Hwy (PO Box 197)
WERRIBEE     VIC    3030
Telephone:  (03) 9742 8199

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