Have you enrolled your child in kindergarten for 2022?

Now is the time to register and empower your child in making friends and discover the power of educational play in 2022!

Did you know that children who attend educational play-based kindergarten programs develop lifelong skills for learning and set the foundational skills needed to develop reading, writing and mathematics? 

Did you know that Wyndham City managed kindergartens will be offering 2 years of funded kindergarten programs?  If your child turns 3 years of age by April 30, 2022, he/she is eligible to attend the 1st year of funded kindergarten program.  If your child turns 4 years of age by April 30, 2022, he/she is eligible to attend the 2nd year of funded kindergarten program.

Registrations for 2022 Kindergarten will be accepted from Monday, 1 March 2021.

First round offers for 2022 Kindergarten will be sent to families in July 2021 via email to your registered email address or post.

For more information, or to register your interest visit Kinder Enrolment or phone 1300 023 411 and ask to be connected with our friendly kindergarten team!

Commonly Asked Questions

What does a day at kindergarten look like?

We offer children an indoor/outdoor program that allows children to choose either indoor or outdoor play throughout the session. We also provide a progressive morning and afternoon tea.  We have group times for stories, music, movement and drama, and a period of rest which give children the chance to slow down, choose some quieter activities, or small group activities.  Programs can look different across services and individual teachers. The 2 years of funded kindergarten programs are delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher along with qualified co-educators (Diploma and/or Certificate 3 trained).  

Do you know who the Educators will be for the (specific) group etc?

Kindergartens will not know who the educators are until the end of the year. Both the Early Education and Care Services Team and our external providers look at the needs of the families, the community, the kindergarten, and the staff available when deciding who will be teaching in what group and where.  

How many hours per week does my child come to kindergarten? 

All families accessing a 2nd year of funded kindergarten program, have access to 15 hours per week, which is equivalent to 600 hours per year.

Wyndham City managed 1st year of funded kindergarten programs have access to 5 hours per week.

Can my child attend more days kindergarten?

No, kindergarten is funded for 5 hours (1st year of funded kindergarten program) or 15 hours (2nd year of funded kindergarten program) per week.

Do you provide before or after kindergarten care? 

Wyndham City managed services do not offer before or after kindergarten care.  If you have difficulty with fitting drop off and pick times with work, we would suggest you try to pick the hours of the groups that best suits you and your family. Once kindergarten starts you can get to know other families who attend the centre, and this may provide you with an opportunity to share travel and care options.

Look at what would suit your family and child’s needs, as to which group’s hours may suit you best.

My child is still not toilet trained and still wearing nappies; can they still come to kindergarten?

Yes, of course they can still attend; we have change facilities and are happy to support the learning of using the toilet.

My child does not speak English, will they learn it at Kindergarten?

We have lots of children that do not yet speak English, but they usually pick it up quickly. They often start understanding what is being said and with confidence, they may start communicating using English. We recommend you keep speaking your main language at home to ensure that a strong connection to your culture is supported.

What is the difference between childcare and kindergarten?

Although they both offer high quality programs, kindergarten programs do not incorporate childcare services and are only accessible during your child’s chosen session time.  Childcare centres primarily focus on offering childcare services to accommodate parents.   

What is your Philosophy?

  • We focus on and are led by children’s Interests and use play based learning.
  • We believe strongly in initiating and maintaining community connections. This include walks into the community to parks and shops, inclusion of older generation, reconciliation and indigenous connections, connections to maternal, child and health and the library.
  • We look at the whole child and the family’s culture, strengthening bonds between family and community and allowing children to develop at their own pace and encourage their interests and meet their educational needs.

Is there a way to see what the kindergartens look like online?

Yes. Our website has recently been updated to include 360-degree virtual tours of each of our Kindergartens. You will be able to see what the inside of the kindergarten rooms looks like, as well as the outdoor learning space.

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