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Before you attend an immunisation session

Prior to attending an immunisation session:

  • Read the pre-vaccination checklist and ensure that your child is well enough to have vaccinations
  • Have any questions ready to ask the immunisation staff
  • Complete all your child’s details on the Immunisation Consent Card (do not sign card, that will be done in presence of the immunisation nurse)

What happens at the immunisation session

Step 1

You collect a number from the table at entry and take a seat.  Your number will be called by one of our staff so they can assist you.

Step 2

The administration staff at the computers will go through with you:

  • the pre-vaccination check list review
  • information on vaccines due
  • details to be entered in your child’s baby health book
  • a check of all relevant information and assist you with any questions you may have

Step 3

You will be called up by one of our nurses.  Provide them with your number slip, card and baby health book.

The nurse will then confirm the following:

  • vaccines due
  • age of your child
  • ask if you have further questions

You will then be asked to sign the consent card in the Nurses presence.  Your book will then be stamped by the nurse vaccinator and your child immunised. 

On repeat visits you will be asked to give what is called informed verbal consent by the nurse vaccinators instead of signing another card.

Step 4

After vaccination is complete you will be asked to wait in the centre for 15 minutes to ensure there are no delayed adverse reactions before leaving.  During this time you are welcome to ask any further questions you may have.

The Victorian Government Department of Health provides information on immunisation in other languages. Visit the Vic Health website.

For further information regarding Immunisations contact the Immunisation team, phone 9742 0736 or complete an Immunisations Online Enquiry Form.

Things to remember

  • Please remember to bring your Medicare card to your first session for staff to record.  We only need to see the card again if it changes
  • Inform administration staff if your has address has changed
  • Bring your baby/child to a session in clothes that can be easily removed to access the appropriate limbs.  See our bookmark for multiple immunisation sites this shows the correct sites for each injection. 
  • If your child is having extra vaccinations e.g. catch-up immunisations.  The Nurse will mark the location of each vaccine.
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