Because of high rate of transmission in young people and the number of childcare centres now designated as exposure sites, all childcare centres across Victoria will be closed except to children whose parents are authorised workers and cannot be supervised at home. Vulnerable children can still attend. To access the permit visit

Can I still access childcare and kindergarten?

In line with direction from the State Government, childcare and kindergarten services are now only available on site to the children of workers deemed permitted, or families in need of more support. This is to reduce movement across metropolitan Melbourne and limit the spread and impacts of COVID-19. Permitted workerswill now need to apply for an access to childcare permit to send their children to childcare or kindergarten. If you have questions about your eligibility for either of these categories, contact Business Victoria at 13 22 15.  Please note Business Victoria is experiencing very high call volumes at this time and there may be an extended wait time before your call is answered. Remote and flexible learning is in place for all Wyndham City managed Kindergartens.

Am I a permitted worker?

The State Government has provided an overview of what workers are able to continue to operate as per usual and their workforce are deemed “permitted workers”. For a full list, see the attached PDF. If you are unsure if you meet the criteria, speak to your direct manager.

I already have a Permitted Worker permit, do I need to apply for an Access to Childcare permit too?

Yes. The Permitted Worker permit and the Access to Childcare permit are separate, so you will need to apply for both. 

How do I apply for an Access to Childcare permit?

Apply for an Access to Childcare permit by visiting

Do I need to carry both permits at all times when attending work?

No, you just need to carry the Permitted Worker permit. 

I am a permitted worker, but have somebody at home who is not and can look after my child. Can I still send my child to childcare or kindergarten?

Yes. As long as one parent is a permitted worker, they are eligible for kindergarten and childcare.

I don’t have anyone at home who can care for my child, can I apply for an Access to Childcare permit?

Yes, an Access to Childcare permit is available to permitted workers who do not live with someone who is able to care for your child.

I’m a permitted worker but I am working from home. Can I still bring my child to kindergarten?

Kindergarten services are still available to permitted workers who are working from home and unable to supervise their children in the course of their duties, and do not have anyone else in the household able to supervise them. Reasons for this might include the other parent is also a permitted worker, or because it is a single-parent household. 

Does my employer need to fill out the Access to Childcare permit form?

Yes, your employer will need to fill out a section of your permit application. 

Other than permitted workers, who else can access childcare and kindergarten on site?

Children who may require extra support include those in out of home care or known to child protection, medically/socially vulnerable children and Koorie children can still access on site kindergarten. Medically/socially vulnerable children could include, for example, children eligible for the Victorian Kindergarten Inclusion Support Program or the Commonwealth Inclusion Support Program; children with complex medical needs who are not at elevated risk from COVID-19; and children from a refugee or non-English speaking background. Please chat to your childcare or kindergarten service provider about this. 

What will happen when I attend the Service?

At Wyndham City managed kindergartens, staff will ask you to present your childcare permit each time you attend the service. If you cannot produce your permit and you do not fall into one of the categories listed above you will not be able to attend the service. If you attend a service by another provider, contact your provider for information. 

If you need more information or need assistance with applying for a childcare permit, please phone the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 or visit

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