Where are the new kindergartens located?

Tarneit North Kindergarten, 2-28 Goddard Street, Tarneit

The kindergarten building will be situated next to the carpark and pavilion at Goddard Street Reserve, adjacent to Tarneit Senior Secondary College.

Wyndham Vale Primary School Kindergarten, 85 Ribblesdale Avenue, Wyndham Vale

The kindergarten building will be situated on the school site.

New Kindergartens 2018

Why were these particular sites chosen?

Population growth in the Tarneit and Wyndham Vale/Manor Lakes areas has exceeded expectations due to the pace of residential development. Wyndham City Council identified a potential short-term shortfall of kindergarten places due to this rapid growth, so investigated several possible locations for temporary facilities.

These sites were selected as the most appropriate as they:

  1. Were within the areas most likely to experience a shortfall over the next few years;
  2. Had enough space to accommodate kindergarten rooms and an outdoor play area; and
  3. Had approval by relevant stakeholders for an immediate commencement of the project.

The other options considered did not meet all three criteria.

When will the kindergartens open?

At this stage, everything is on track for the two new kindergartens to open for the start of Term 2 in 2018. Demountable buildings are currently under construction and are scheduled to arrive ready-made onsite in early 2018.

What happens if there are delays in construction?

While everything is currently on track for the two new kindergartens to open as planned for the start of Term 2 in 2018, when it comes to construction, it is not possible to provide a 100% guarantee. Contingency plans are being developed in the unexpected event that there are delays to the project. Should significant delays occur, Council can utilise other existing facilities in the municipality as a short-term alternative to ensure families can still access a quality program from the commencement of Term 2. If delays appear likely, affected families will be informed in writing of the impact and any alternative arrangements for that period.

What does a ‘demountable’ building mean?

A demountable facility refers to a relocatable, or portable, building. Wyndham City has been working in partnership with the Department of Education and Training to fast track implementation of these two temporary kindergartens to service an identified short-term shortfall of kindergarten places in the Tarneit and Wyndham Vale areas. It is envisaged that these demountable buildings will be relocated elsewhere once new permanent kindergarten facilities are opened in Tarneit and Wyndham Vale in future years.

Can I take a tour of the new kindergarten/s?

The kindergarten buildings are currently under construction offsite, so it is not possible to organise a tour. at the new sites.

However, the buildings will be similar in design to the Council-owned Truganina East and Thomas Chirnside Kindergartens, which are both demountable buildings. You may wish to drive past these sites to look at the exteriors.

  • Truganina East Kindergarten – 49 Mainview Blvd, Truganina, 0448 836 800
  • Thomas Chirnside Kindergarten – 85-95 Walls Rd, Werribee, 9742 4825

Who will be managing these services?

Both kindergartens will be operated in partnership with bestchance Child and Family Care Inc. An experienced early childhood service provider, bestchance currently supports over 60 kindergartens across 11 local government areas, including Truganina East Kindergarten in Wyndham City.

The kindergarten program and invoicing processes will be managed by bestchance, while Council will be responsible for maintaining the building and outdoor spaces.

How do I enrol?

Families wishing to enrol at these new services can simply nominate the Tarneit North Kindergarten or Wyndham Vale Primary School Kindergarten group/s as their preferences on the Enrolment Form. A maximum of four preferences can be selected.

For full details, please click on the following link: 2018 Enrolment Process.

Will the fees be the same as Council-managed services?

bestchance Child And Family Care Inc. set their own term fees, which are $440 per team.

Which groups will be offered at the new Kindergartens?








Tarneit North                           
2-28 Goddard Street
Tarneit 3029


8:00 - 1:00


8:00 - 1:00


8:00 - 1:00



9:00 - 4:30


9:00 - 4:30


Wyndham Vale Primary School            
85 Ribblesdale Avenue
Wyndham Vale 3024


8:00 - 1:00


8:00 - 1:00


8:00 - 1:00



9:00 - 4:30


9:00 - 4:30


Can I remain enrolled at Tarneit North Kindergarten or Wyndham Vale Primary School Kindergarten now then transfer to another kindergarten if a place becomes available?

No, it is not possible to do this as the period for accept and wait finished at the end of Round 3.

If you wish to change kindergartens or groups, you must cancel your current place and go onto the waiting list. You will then be included in the next round of allocations and if there are places available in the alternative group/s you select, you will be allocated a place at that kindergarten as per the priority of access criteria. If there are no places available for your child in your preferred group/s, you will remain on the waiting list and will be included in subsequent allocation rounds.

Before cancelling your existing place, you may wish to call the Community Support & Enrolments team on 9742 8147 to ask for general advice about availability at other kindergartens. Please note, staff are unable to advise you of where you are on the wait list due to the constant changing nature of the list.

As the Kindergartens won’t be ready until Term 2, what will happen for Term 1 if I select one of these Kindergartens/Groups as my preference(s)?

If you are successful in being offered a place at one of these Kindergartens, you will be given two options.

Option 1:

You can select to accept the offer and attend an alternative venue for Term 1.

Whilst both kindergartens will not be ready to open until the start of Term 2, Council has been able to arrange alternative accommodation for those still wishing to attend a quality Kindergarten program in Term 1.

Suitable temporary accommodation has been made available by combining the Red groups from both Kindergartens and the Navy groups from both Kindergartens so they can operate out of the following locations until the new facilities are available:



Alternative Venue

Alternative Venue Address

Tarneit North &

Wyndham Vale Primary School


College Road Kindergarten

34 College Road

Werribee 3030

Tarneit North &

Wyndham Vale Primary School


Riverdene Kindergarten

28 Parramatta Road

Werribee 3030

To ensure as little disturbance as possible to the children, an Educator from each centre will run these alternative groups, so that when the children move to their new facilities in Term 2, they will know at least one of their Educators.

Option 2:

You can select to accept the offer and defer sending your child to Kindergarten until Term 2. A place will be reserved for your child in the group and your child will join the rest of the group at the new facility in Term 2.

Will my child have an Orientation session before the start of the kindergarten year?

No, it is not feasible to fit in an Orientation session prior to the start of Term 2. You and your child will have an opportunity to meet with the Educator and Co-Educator for an individual interview at the beginning of term, as part of the standard Transition process.

Do you know who the Teacher/s and Co-Educator/s will be?

Recruitment is currently underway for the Teachers and Co-Educators at Tarneit North Kindergarten and Wyndham Vale Primary School Kindergarten.

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