As the city at the heart of Australia’s fastest growing region, Werribee is uniquely positioned to grow. Werribee’s City Centre and East Werribee Precincts are growing together. They have over 900 hectares of land for city development. This represents an exceptional business and investment opportunity.

Many businesses have already identified the potential that Werribee offers. Wyndham City invites you to look west and grow with us in Werribee: The Capital of Melbourne’s New West.

Werribee City Centre

Werribee’s physical capacity to grow is unrivalled.

The Werribee City Centre’s Activity Centre Boundary defines an area of 130 hectares for mixed-use city development which is equivalent to the size of Melbourne’s CBD, while an area over five times the size of Melbourne’s CBD has been designated for East Werribee’s growth as an employment and investment hub for the New West region. East Werribee includes more than 775 hectares of predominantly Victorian State Government owned greenfield land to be released for commercial and mixed-use city development.

Supporting Werribee’s growth are Structure Plans for the Werribee City Centre and East Werribee facilitating enormous expansion and mixed-use city development. In addition, major current and planned infrastructure projects in the region include:

  • $4.8 billion Regional Rail Link
  • $2 billion Outer Metropolitan Ring Road
  • $5 million to develop a business case for an intermodal Western Interstate Freight Terminal
  • Avalon International Airport expansion
  • $72 million for East Werribee Stage 1 road works and planning including the $40 million Sneydes Road freeway interchange
  • $440 million Wyndham Harbour development

Why Grow Werribee?

  • Be part of an exciting activity centre precinct over 900 hectares in size in Victoria’s fastest growing municipality
  • Benefit from a range of large scale road, rail and community infrastructure projects
  • Meet growing commercial and apartment demand
  • Capitalise upon a rapidly growing customer and employee base as Wyndham’s 200,000 population doubles over the next 20 years
  • Invest central to Melbourne CBD and Geelong

Position your business in the centre of Australia’s fastest growing region, and grow with us in Werribee – Capital of Melbourne’s New West.

For further details download the Grow Werribee Prospectus.

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