As you would know, the Victorian Government recently announced the coronavirus roadmap to recovery which highlights when businesses can re-open and to what capacity.

To help you to easily understand how the road map impacts you, some commonly asked questions have been answered below.

When will I be permitted to open?

Hairdressers are permitted to re-open during the Third Step of Victoria's roadmap for reopening which is proposed to be on the 26 October 2020.

Beauty salons including nail salons, hair removal clinics, skin care clinics and tattooists, must remain closed until the Last Step of the roadmap which is proposed for the 23 November 2020.

The Victorian Government has indicated these dates are subject to change.

What measures must I have in place?

During the Third Step of the roadmap, hairdressers that reopen must have the following measures in place:

  1. Physical distancing:
  • staff should work from home wherever possible
  • ensure clients are able to maintain at least 1.5 meters separation during treatments and whilst waiting.
  • apply density quotient (1 person per 4 square metres)
    • for example, if your shop is 2 metres wide and 8 metres deep, its floorspace would allow a maximum of 4 customers inside at one time (2 x 8 = 16m2, divided by 4 m2 per person = 4 customers).
  • no carpooling to work
  1. Practise good hygiene:
  • auditing of cleaning schedules
  • always use a hand sanitiser before and after providing the service, or wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • clean and disinfect surfaces touched by the client immediately after the service has been provided.
  • clean and disinfect any equipment you may have used after each client.
  • dispose of tissues and masks in a sealed plastic bag and put in the general waste.
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, touch screens, handrails and benchtops, EFTPOS machines
  1. Keep records and act quickly if staff become unwell:
  • ask staff to declare verbally before each shift that are free of symptoms.
  1. Create workforce bubbles:
  • limit number of staff members working across other work sites

During the Last Step of the roadmap, premises will be able to reopen with a COVIDSafe plan in place. Council recommends you prepare this plan well before the reopening date to allow you to seek help if you are unsure of the requirements.

How do I write a COVIDSafe Plan?

Information on how to write a COVIDSafe Plan can be found at the following website: Business Victoria Coronavirus Business Information

Where can I get further information?

Further information about the road map and industry restriction levels is available at the following website: Industry Restriction Levels: Metro Melbourne

We hope this information has been helpful, if you would like further advice, please contact Business Victoria on 13 22 15, or visit the above links.

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