A protection notice is required prior to the issue of a building permit when you are carrying out building work that may affect an adjoining property. In line with our privacy policy Wyndham City will ensure that the privacy of property owners is protected.

  • You are a property owner and need to obtain the owner’s details of an adjoining property. You need to download and complete an owner protection notice application form and then submit the signed form to Wyndham City
  • You are an agent contracted by the property owner to organise the building permit.You need to download and complete an agent protection notice application form, submit the signed form to Wyndham City. All agents must also provide a contractor authority if the application is not signed by the property owner.

You need to submit all completed forms to Wyndham City via email mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or post PO Box 197, Werribee 3030.

If you are having difficulties or disputes with the neighbours you share a fence with, visit Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria or phone 1300 372 888.

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