Wyndham City Creative Industries: Creative Development Grant

The purpose of the Creative Development Grant is to support the creation of new work by local Wyndham creatives within the local community; with a focus on developing your creative community project, business and/or practice.

This funding supports the research, scoping and testing of new creative work across all sectors of Creative Industries and is open to individuals and/or groups. Applicants must be Wyndham residents.

Applicants will be expected to set project goals, be dedicated to developing and delivering their chosen activity and reporting outcomes upon completion. All activities must comply with the latest health advice and government restrictions as detailed by the Department of Health and Human Services and Victorian state government.

Grant Objectives

  • To provide support the creation of new creative work by local creatives
  • To provide support of research, scoping and testing of new creative work across the creative sector

There is a total grant pool of $12,500 with individual grants being offered of up to $2,500 per application.

Examples of support Council may consider funding include, but are not limited to:

  • Research and planning for a new creative work
  • Facilitating collaboration between creative partners
  • Development of a community creative participatory work
  • Engagement of specialist skills to mentor or consult on a new creative work

Applications will be assessed against the following key assessment criteria:

  • Meeting Grant eligibility requirements
  • Alignment with Grant objectives
  • Articulation of proposed creative development and perceived creative merits
  • Demonstration of capacity for delivery of the proposed work

Responsibilities of successful applicants

  • Develop, deliver and acquit a creative-led program, project or practice
  • Sign an agreement, stating desired goals and commitment to work towards agreed outcomes
  • Attend a briefing session with a member of the Arts & Culture Team and regularly report in on activity progress
  • Activities may or may not include some form of public engagement. Applicants may not charge for participation in their activity
  • The activity may be integrated into Council’s public programs at a later date
  • Submit a full project debrief and assessment process to be prescribed by Council

How to get involved

Applications close at 9am on Monday 25 October 2021

Apply for a Creative Development Grant

For enquiries about the application process, please contact the Arts & Culture Team at arts@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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