Call Out for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artists.

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Purpose of this webpage:

This document outlines an opportunity for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artist or artist collective to produce an artwork that will be on the side of Werribee’s tallest building, installed by a specialist team on the artist/collective behalf. The selected artwork will be installed towards the end of 2023.

This document includes a range of information to guide interested artists/collectives in making an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be considered for this opportunity. ‘EOI’ is used instead of ‘Expression of Interest’ throughout the rest of this webpage.

This EOI call-out explains:

  • Who is eligible to submit an expression of interest,
  • The process involved to submit an EOI, and
  • How a selection of artists/collectives that submit an EOI will be invited to advance to a paid ‘concept design’ stage.

Background to the project.

The building which will have the artwork applied is on Bunurong Country (Synnot St, Werribee) and is currently the tallest building within Wyndham City. This area has been inhabited by its custodians for thousands of years and in more recent times, has a vast variety of First Nations Mob from many lands living, working and practicing art and culture here. A range of consultations with both these communities (traditional owners and local Mob - as guided by current Council protocol) have contributed to the background of this project, including a separate artistic brief for shortlisted artists.

The outcome of this project will be a large-scale, high-profile mural alongside a busy central-Werribee road. This final design will be seen by thousands each day, and as guided by the artistic brief, will be an important and visually engaging new artwork which represents and foregrounds First Nations artistic expression and cultural heritage.  

Who is eligible to submit an EOI?

Any Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island artists or collectives living within Australia can submit an EOI. EOIs can be submitted up to September 3rd 2023 at midnight via an online form below.

How can I submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

EOI’s can be submitted via the link below which includes completing an online form. Through this form, applicants are asked to tell us about their creative and cultural practice and provide examples of their work.

The EOI is designed to support artists of all different levels of experience. Artists who need support to complete this form can have someone else complete the form of their behalf.

Complete the online Expression of Interest

What is the EOI process?

Once EOIs are received, three finalists will be selected (shortlisted) and invited to develop their concept design/s for the mural. They will be paid for the development of their concept design/s and will have access to support in doing so. Once the concept design/s are submitted one final concept design will be selected and the respective artist/collective and will receive further time and support to refine their concept design including (if relevant) opportunities for professional development related to projects of this scale


  • There is no cost to submit an EOI.
  • 3x (three) shortlisted artists or collectives will each receive $1500 AUD (ex. GST) to develop a concept design.
  • The final artist or collective selected to develop their concept design for presentation as the mural will receive $20,000 AUD (ex. GST).

Key Dates




03 Sep 2023

EOI Closes

Initial expressions of interest close

06 Sep 2023

Initial concept design phase – 3x artists/collectives appointed

3x artists/collectives will be selected for a paid design process

06 Sep 2023 to 20 Sep 2023

Initial concept design phase

Period of time for shortlisted artists/collective to develop up to 3 concept designs

20 Sep 2023

Initial design delivery

Shortlisted artists/collective will submit their initial concept design to Council

25 Sep 2023

Final concept design development phase

1x artist/collective will be selected for the development of the final design

25 Sep 2023 to 08 Oct

Final concept design development phase

Period of time for commissioned artist/collective to develop final concept design

08 Oct 2023

Final artwork delivery

Commissioned artist/collective to deliver final concept design

12 Oct 2023

Artist-Installer install liaison

Final artist/collective will liaise with the installation team for design translation to install

TBC Oct/Nov 2023

Artwork installation

Installation team undertake mural installation onsite

TBC Nov 2023

Reception / artwork launch

Media event and official artwork launch to be held in Werribee

Artist brief: Only shortlisted artists will respond to this project’s brief, but the brief is available here to help with any further information or questions. Click to download Large Scale Mural Project Shortlisted Artist Brief.  

The artist brief has been developed in response to Council’s 10 Year Public Art Plan. You can also download that here for reference and additional information download PDF 10 Year Public Art Plan Endorsed.


Do I need experience as an artist to submit an EOI?

Having a certain level of experience is not a pre-requisite for submitting an EOI, however, the artists shortlisted will be perceived as capable of developing a design to a high standard and required format, including further design development with feedback, and liaison with the installation company to ensure that the design is accurately represented in the final mural.

Can I apply as part of a collective that has Non-Indigenous members?

Sorry no. A collective is any proposed number of artists working together collectively and for the purposes of this project, a collective must consist entirely of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander members.

Will I be painting the mural myself?

No. Installation is completed by a separate artist contractor. The artist does not need to be present onsite during installation but will need to liaise with the installation team on the translation of the work from design to installation.

Who owns copyright of the final artwork?

The ownership and title of the actual physical mural artwork will pass from the Artist to Council at the date the mural is installed and handover of the artwork to Council is complete. The mural artwork will and be maintained and cared for as part of Council’s growing public art collection. However, the copyright of the artwork itself remains with the artist.

What happens to my cultural and Intellectual property in the artwork?

As the artist and creator of the artwork, any cultural and intellectual property that goes into that artwork remains the copyright of the artist, used under licence for the final artistic outcome.

How long is the licensing of the work and is it an exclusive license?

The artwork will be licensed from the artist by Council, this will be finalised in a written agreement with the artist. The licence will be an exclusive, perpetual and royalty-free licence for the artwork to be exhibited at the site of the mural and online on Council’s website and included as part of Council’s public artwork database on Victorian Collections digital archive. Any use outside promotional or educational material will require the artists express written permission.

Will my information and artwork be kept Confidential and Private?

Yes. At Council we understand the need for individual privacy. Nothing that you submit will be made available to the general public without your express permission and prior written agreement.

How are the EOIs assessed in terms of making a shortlist of 3x (three) artists/collectives?

 The EOI’s will be assessed in terms of:

  • The Artist or Collective’s previous body of work in relation to how it might apply to the project.
  • The Artist or Collective’s ability to understand and interpret artistic themes and cultural knowledge based on previous relevant experience, knowledge or responses provided.
  • Perceived ability to communicate ideas effectively and liaise with project stakeholders.
  • Perceived ability to work within the timelines of the project.

Do I / can I respond to the brief as part of my EOI submission?

No. The EOI submission is to assess artists who might be best suited to this project. The brief is made available to view (below) in order to give interested artists/collectives an understanding of the project including timelines, levels of commitment and other information.

Will the shortlisted artists be obligated to participate in media calls and other initiatives to promote the project/mural?

As this is a large scale mural project, it is expected that there will be media calls and promotion surrounding the project. The final selected artist will be expected to participate in these opportunities to discuss and further platform their work, but it can be discussed with Council if they prefer to appoint a representative or spokesperson for this if they are not comfortable with this process.

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