Public Art

Public Art helps make our City a vibrant, creative and engaging place.

Wyndham City has a dynamic contemporary public art program that focuses on creative celebration of place, culture, environment and community. All forms of permanent and temporary artwork located in a space that has public visibility, use and access is considered Public Art.

In addition to traditional art forms such as sculpture, murals and mosaics; contemporary public art practice also includes digital artworks, interactive new media artworks, performance and sound art.

We invite you to explore our public art collection and connect to our public art program – transforming streets, parklands and buildings near you.

Public Art Collection

Wyndham City is home to a large collection of permanent public art.

Many of these artworks were acquired through sponsorship of the prestigious Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, an innovative Per Cent for the Art scheme, developer contributions and The Mayor’s Commission that supported new public art in established areas.

These artworks represent the journey of a growing City and capture the histories and themes that were relevant to the community at that time.

View our Public Art Collection

Public Art Program

Wyndham City’s public art program supports local and creative industry to produce temporary and ephemeral art projects. These are artworks that might have a brief or medium term lifespan and can include a diverse range of art practices including sculpture, painting, digital art, performance and sound art.

Council support for temporary and ephemeral public artworks helps local artists to build their arts practice, and offers the community new art experiences that challenge delight and inspire conversation.

Communities are also invited to participate in public art-making, drawing on their local and cultural knowledge and heritage to create artworks that are site-specific and representative of a changing community.

Find out more about Wyndham City’s Public Art Program by contacting Public Art & Collections Officer Roland Henry

Temporary Public Art

CONGRESS - equote

Listening is political. Who we choose to listen to and under what circumstances – these are powerful choices that determine culture and policy at every level. – Fatima, Wyndham Vale

In 2019, Wyndham City presented CONGRESS by All The Queens Men.  CONGRESS is a citizens’ assembly; a platform to celebrate diverse voices whilst championing our collective right to be seen and heard.  

The Citizens of CONGRESS were curated across a spectrum of diversities to present a representative slice of the people of Wyndham then, now and into our future. Together they collaborated to create a series of ‘first speeches’ written just for this place and shared once, just for this time.

To inspire further conversation and contemplation, throughout public spaces in Wyndham you will find quotes from these speeches.

You can read the speeches by visiting CONGRESS.

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