The Creative Communities and Cultural Places Strategy was adopted by Council in 2013 and outlines Wyndham City’s vision and commitment to the arts in Wyndham.

The strategy was developed following extensive consultation with artists, creative industry and the broader community and followed by a process of community validation to ensure that the strategy reflects Wyndham’s needs and aspirations.

The strategy is underpinned by three principles that guide Wyndham City’s approach to Arts and Cultural Development in Wyndham:

If you have any specific questions about Wyndham City’s Creative Communities and Cultural Places Strategy contact Donna Aston, Coordinator Arts, Culture & Events via email  or phone 1300 023 411.


Principle 1. Nurturing Creative People

This area of work involves creating opportunities for local artists, understanding how the local creative industry is developing and providing support for new and emerging creative industry to flourish.

Programs that support this include:

  • Art Paths
  • Conversations
  • Community Partnerships
  • Groundswell
  • Activate Workshop Program
  • Wyndham Art Gallery Internship Program

Principle 2: Encouraging Participation

This area of work invites communities to access and participate in the arts in their neighbourhoods. It includes engaging with new audiences, creating arts projects that encourage participation and integrating the arts into urban spaces, community events and festivals.

Programs that support this include:

  • Wyndham Art Spaces – Exhibition Program
  • Arts Activation
  • Music in Our City
  • Public Art Program

Principle 3. Creating Environments

This area of work involves the creation of places where people can create, see and experience the arts. It includes developing new creative hubs, places and platforms where local artists can grow their practice and community can develop their cultural knowledge.

Programs that support this include:

  • Wyndham Art Gallery – Exhibition Program
  • Wyndham Arts Incubator
  • Wyndham Art Spaces – Residency Program
  • Public Art Program
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