Wunder Gym: No Shit

Wunder Gym: No Shit

Wyndham’s creative community has been busy.

Annette Wagner’s Wunder Gym partnered with Wyndham City to present No Shit, a creative development program nurturing local creatives.  Program participants responded to Wyndham writer Fatima Measham’s essay No Shit.  During the program, participants were mentored by artist, writer and Deakin University’s Public Art Commission ‘Treatment’ co-curator Dr. Cameron Bishop.

Participant responses were then documented and curated into an art book which has been published and featured as part of NGV’s 2022 Melbourne Art Book Fair.   This process provided participants with vital links to showcase their work to the diverse and international audience the Melbourne Art Book Fair affords.  

The No Shit: A Visual Response publication was officially launched as part of Melbourne Design Week at a panel discussion event at Wyndham Cultural Centre.
Werribee is an old town with a fascinating Indigenous and colonial past, steeped in natural beauty, enhanced by an aspirational and diverse population, which has contributed in important ways to the state. But it lies obscured, an enigma to outsiders, if not an object of dismissal or scorn.
A lump of volcanic rock in the middle of nowhere. It is worth wondering why we are so eager to construct hierarchies of place, where certain suburbs are reduced to their worst features at the expense of the people who live there. Communities are, after all, inherently multidimensional.’
Fatima Measham, No Shit

There are a limited number of copies of No Shit: A Visual Response available for purchase. 



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