Wyndham City’s public art program supports local and creative industry to produce temporary and ephemeral art projects. These are artworks that might have a brief or medium term lifespan and can include a diverse range of art practices including sculpture, painting, digital art, performance and sound art.

Council support for temporary and ephemeral public artworks helps local artists to build their arts practice, and offers the community new art experiences that challenge delight and inspire conversation.

Communities are also invited to participate in public art-making, drawing on their local and cultural knowledge and heritage to create artworks that are site-specific and representative of a changing community.


Take another look at Station Place and explore the Laneways. This bold new artwork was created by local emerging artists mentored by The Blender Studios crew as part of a bigger lighting project to brighten up Station Place.

The artwork is intended to reference the diverse cultures of Wyndham as well as inviting new community perceptions of Station Place and its laneways. The artwork will be gradually refreshed with a program of new artworks that respond to and enhance the existing artwork.

This project was in part funded by Victorian Department of Justice as part of the Lighting Station Place project

Pop Ups

Pop Ups - Art in unexpected places

Pop Ups are Wyndham City’s collection of inflatable artworks that "pop up" in different locations. 

Pop Ups are movable public artworks, bringing contemporary art experiences to a broad range of people.  Pop Ups make appearances at festivals, community events, in parks and in public spaces. It's designed to be fun and to invite discussion about what public art can be.


RED is an annual temporary public art program - held each December in Werribee City Centre. Artists take to the streets installing RED-themed artworks.

For December 2017, Wyndham City and local artist collective RedWest have teamed up to present a program of playful installations, interactive artworks and pop up performances by local artists.

See the program

To find out more about RED contact Tamara Watt, Arts Project Officer. Email tamara.watt@wyndham.vic.gov.au or phone 9742 0777.

Art in Public Places Policy

Wyndham has a dynamic new vision for how public art is conceptualised, experienced and delivered to guide the program’s development into the future.

Public art can transform our streets, buildings, parklands and the very fabrics of our city. It can enhance a city’s identity and contribute to the cultural life and the liveability of a city.  Public art is increasingly important in place making, an approach of creating public spaces that brings people together, connects communities and builds a strong sense of local place and identity.

If you have any specific questions about the Art in Public Places Policy contact David Fitzsimmons, Coordinator Arts and Culture via email david.fitzsimmons@wyndham.vic.gov.au or phone 9742 0777.

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