New possibilities of hope and splendour.

22 OCT – 29 NOV

View the FUTURISM exhibition: https://www.exhibitionsatwyndhamartgallery.com/

Co-Curated by wāni

Featuring work by artists farhiya jama, Fatma Hussein, Gideon Wilonja, Ivy Mutuku and Peter Waples-Crowe.

European Futurism was an art movement which began in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century inspired by new technology, fast cars and speed. Bla(c)k Futurism is about creating Art out of strength, pain, loss and successes. It is fundamentally rooted in being denied a full history and looking to the future to correct that.

FUTURISM  explores innovation in the 21st century and what possibilities arise for Intergenerational Bla(c)k artists today as they take on the challenge of looking to the future to create new possibilities and images of hope and splendour.


Artist in Conversation: Gideon Wilonja

Available from 6pm, Thursday 22 October 2020.

The first of two Artist in Conversation programs is available alongside the launch of the FUTURISM digital exhibition.

Within the presentation you’ll find a video of local artist, actor and fashion designer Gideon Wilonja discussing his creative practice and his work for this show with co-curator wāni.

Artist in Conversation: farhiya jama

Available from 6pm, Thursday 12 November 2020.

Check back to the website after 5pm on November 12th to hear a discussion between farhiya and co-curator wāni as they discuss her digital works, composed of digital collage, photography and illustration; and delve into Afro-Futurism.

farhiya jama is a Muslim, Somali-Canadian artist based in Toronto who uses her creative practice to explore positive affirmation for young black girls of diasporic identity.

Offered as an audio recording, we encourage you to enjoy this engaging conversation on a daily walk of while viewing her works online.

Image credit: farhiya jama, patiently waiting

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