Afsaneh Torabi is a multidisciplinary artist who worked out of the Dianella Community Centre with community members to make interactive and immersive artworks based on the stories of residents.

Afsaneh describes herself as a …

Maker of immersive/interactive/sensorial experiences

Performer of visual/physical/object theatre

Asker of many questions

Lover of the strange, the liminal

Clumsy soul

Afsaneh ran the following workshops with the community to create Tiny Theatres that were shown as part of an activation weekend at the Dianella Community Centre in May 2022.

Visual Story Telling - Learn how to tell a story, with or without words!

Making a Tiny Theatre - Make a box theatre to showcase your visual story!

Sound and Lighting for Tiny Theatres - Add 3Volt LED lighting and a simple soundtrack to your tiny theatre!

Some of the images from the artistic outcome are below.

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photo 2
photo 3
photo 1
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