The Wyndham Seniors Register is designed to make you, a Wyndham Senior Citizen living in your own home, feel safer. It is a partnership between Wyndham City and Werribee Police.

The Register aims to give you, your relatives and friends peace of mind knowing that the Police are looking out for your welfare.  Surveys have shown that older people are far less likely than younger people to be victims of serious crime. However, many elderly people are unduly fearful of such crime and fear can have an adverse effect on their quality of life.

It is fear the Police at Werribee are endeavoring to minimize through the Wyndham Seniors Register.

If you are a senior citizen residing within Wyndham and would like to be a part of the Register, complete the application form and send to: 

Werribee Police Station,
131 Princes Hwy,
WERRIBEE 3030 or

Wyndham North Police Station,
610 Sayers Rd,

The service we provide to you is completely free of charge.

Your details will be entered on a confidential computer database at the Police Station and you will be contacted regularly by phone to check on your welfare. 

Note: Your records will not be made available to any other person except Police, Ambulance or the Fire Brigade in the event of an emergency.

If you have any questions regarding the Senior Register please call the Police on 03 9742 9497.

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