The Service and Asset Policy and Framework outlines Council’s commitment to ensuring that service and asset planning, provision, design and operations are service-led, with public value outcomes as the core driving principle.

It informs decision making in relation to all service and asset strategies and management plans.

Council will plan for the timely provision of services which contribute to the strength and wellbeing of the Wyndham community, and ensure that assets are planned and managed in a timely and sustainable way to support service provision in the long term. The planning and provision of services and assets will be led by a community first approach to ensure that the needs of the community are at the core of decision making.

Council will be guided by the following public value principles in all decisions about services and assets:

  • Outcome focused
  • Agile
  • Efficient
  • Accessible
  • Integrated
  • Transparent

Download - Service and Asset Policy and Framework

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