Community satisfaction survey

To understand and better plan to meet community needs, Council undertakes an Annual Community Satisfaction Survey (ACSS).

The survey includes consulting with 1,200 residents to gain feedback on a range of topics including Council performance and other issues as relevant to the community. 

The insights from the survey help Wyndham City Council’s strategic and organisational planning, service delivery and policy development. 

You can view the following:

Liveability and Wellbeing Indicators Data

Liveability and Wellbeing Indicators to show us how the community is fairing and what we need to focus our resources on.

Community COVID-19 Survey, November 2020

Community feedback was sought in November 2020 to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on the Wyndham community and what services were important to them in the recovery phase. Council partnered with String Research to undertake this research. Please see the final report for a summary of findings.

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