• Chaffey
  • Tarneit
In Progress / Under Construction
  • Overall:
    $6 million

A $6 million Wyndham City project, recently approved by Council works include road duplication from 2 to 4 lanes, a Wetlands Park and new signal lights at the intersection in front of the Good News School.


  • Duplication of Tarneit Road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes
  • A New Wetlands Park
  • A new signalised intersection in front of the Good News School


  • Increased road safety
  • Recreation and leisure opportunities
  • Improved traffic flow cutting travel times
  • New stormwater treatment opportunities
Expected Completion Date:  April 2019

Unfortunately, the project is behind the original schedule, the delays are due to unexpected complications in the completion of  water, gas, electricity and drainage adjustments and we’ve been working closely with the service providers to resolve them and ensure the project is delivered safely and meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

Timing of the commissioning of the traffic signals and public lighting may take longer as that will be subject to external authorities. Until the signals are switched on, temporary traffic arrangements will remain in place.

Council apologises for the inconvenience caused and thank the wider community for its patience while we deliver this important piece of infrastructure for Wyndham residents.


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