• Wyndham Vale
  • Wyndham City:
    $20.5 million across Wyndham
Road projects in Wyndham Vale

Council is investing more than $20.5 million on local road upgrades, maintenance and traffic management projects across Wyndham over the 2020/21 year.

Wyndham City is responsible for upgrading and maintaining neighbourhood roads, while the State Government is responsible for delivering major roads, including highways.

Council-funded road projects in Wyndham Vale include:

Major road upgrades

  • Construction of Ison Road between Princes Highway and the Melbourne-Geelong Rail Line
  • Signalisation of the Greens Road and Haines Drive intersection

Road reconstructions

Council will dig up these roads to repair underground pipes, construct several layers of new road pavement and construct and repair gutters and footpaths. This will ensure the roads are sturdier and safer.

  • Charlotte Crescent
  • Honour Avenue, from Greens Road to Botanic Way
  • Chesterfield Drive
  • Mayfair Street, from Chesterfield Drive to Pembroke Place
  • Bloomsbury Place
  • Pembroke Lane
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