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Wyndham City is investing $484,000 to upgrade Oaktree Avenue Park in Wyndham Vale.

The project includes an upgrade of the existing tennis court and a playground upgrade with new equipment and nature play.

Council will also modernise the picnic areas with new pathways, furniture and landscaping.

The park’s existing rotunda and surrounding garden will be retained.

These improvements are part of Council’s strategy to address ageing infrastructure within a number of reserves across the City.

For more information, see Wyndham City's Play Space Strategy 2030 and Open Space Strategy 2045 


  • Upgrading the existing tennis court
  • Playground upgrade
  • Redeveloped picnic areas with new pathways, furniture and landscaping

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  • A more pleasant and welcoming space for the whole family
  • An outdoor gathering space
  • A better place for walking and exercising
  • A fun area for children of all ages to spend time outdoors

Learn more about the community consultation undertaken for this project 


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